Cater to your group's individuality with a mix of
group or individual boxed lunches.

picture of a sandwich

Group Sandwich Box Assortments

Small (Serves 10-12)
Twenty half-sandwiches with chips & pickle spears
Large (Serves 10-12)
Twenty-two half-sandwiches with chips & pickle spears

Individual Boxed Lunches (9.99 per person)



The Sandwich Boxed Lunch
A whole sandwich, plus chips, a pickle spear & a freshly baked cookie
The Sandwich & House Salad Boxed Lunch
A half-sandwich plus a house side salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers & balsamic or ranch dressing, chips, a pickle spear & a freshly baked cookie
The Salad Boxed Lunch
A Chicken Ceasar, Chicken Mandarin Medley or Sesame Chicken side salad, plus a fruit salad cup, a honey grain bagel & a freshly baked cookie see below for salad descriptions
Assortments & Boxed Lunches include the
following popular selections:
Tarragon Chicken Salad
Diced chicken,almonds, red onions, cranberries, lemon, tarragon mayo, tomatoes & lettuce on hearty white bread
Leonardo da Veggie
Light herb garlic cream cheese, roasted red peppers, muenster cheese, lettuce, red onions & tomatoes on an asiago softwich
Roma Roast Beef
Diced Roast beef, asiago cheese, provolone, tomatoes, green peppers, sundried tomato mayo & balsamic vinaigrette on hearty white bread
Turkey Chipotle Club
Turkey, peppered vacon, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomatoes on honey wheat bread
Herby Turkey
Diced Roast turkey, light herb garlic cream cheese, sundried tomato spread, lettuce & red onions on a sesame bagel
Ham & Swisss
Diced Ham, Swiss, honey mustard, lettuce & tomato on hearty white bread

Tuna Salad
Tuna salad, lettuce & tomato on a honey wheat bread

Turkey & Cheddar
Turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard on honey wheat bread
picture of a salad
Side Salads for Sharing (Serves 6-8)                          28.99  
Choose from Caesar, Mandarin Medley or Sesame Chicken to accompany
sanwiches or soup
Caesar Chicken Salad                                                         
Field greens, diced grilled chicken, asiago cheese & croutons, served with Ceasar dressing
Seasame Chicken Salad
Field greens, diced grilled chicken, sesame seeds, sliced almonds, chow mein noodles, served with Asian sesame dressing
Mandarin Medley Salad
Field greens, diced grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles & sliced almonds, served with balsamic vinaigrette

Soup for the Group (Serves 6-8)                                            28.99
Ask about or daily soup schedule.

Drinks & Desserts

Soft Drinks & Bottled Water
Selections & prices vary by location
Cookie Box (12 Cookies)
Freshly baked chocolate chip, double chocolate chip & everything cookies
Dessert Box (6 Cookies & 6 Desert Bars)
Assorted cookie & dessert bar selections


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